The Importance of an idea.

“Lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon,

Trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon,

Up and up.”

Life is a constant battle of digging deeper, fighting against the invisible walls that society and nature have levied upon us, and avoiding, at any cost, slipping into the relentless abyss of mediocrity. There’s a reason nobody has ever been able to quantify life into an algorithm, why the “human touch” is still required in so many operations – there is no other species of life that can ideate.

That beautiful smile that lights up a face when an idea is born is pure poetry. The sparkle in the eyes, the goosebumps, the sleeplessness, the rush and strength one feels coursing through their muscles, that’s the power of humanity.

We’d be supremely foolish to think that the true power of the human race lies in tall buildings and taller egos or fast cars and faster conversations. Every single concept that humanity prides itself on is just an idea, born from genius and sustained by genius. An idea can be the doing or undoing of a complex human life. An idea can give hope, can make a person free from the prison of their mind. It shaped the world to what it is today, chiselled it to perfection, while instilling in it a deep sense of inadequacy.

Why? Why is there inadequacy brimming in everything we see or do?

I think it is Mother Nature’s quiet way of telling us there’s more work to be done. There are dark rooms of the future we haven’t even fathomed. There are ambitions to be set so impossibly high that the flight there might make you homesick.

In that moment, Nature begs us to look down and see how far we’ve come. Look around and see the world we’ve created. But most importantly, look up at the infinite ideas we are yet to touch. The sheer beauty of a single idea is immensely potent and it is we, humans, who can transmit that power and work together to create magic within measurement, beauty within balance. Poetry within pragmatism.

But hey, that could just be my idea.

An idea that lets me look into the stars, not with a crippling sense of unimportance, but with hope. Look to the moon with the aim of lighting an entire planet up with nothing but borrowed rays of inspiration.

It may be the sun’s rays, but it’s the moonlight that lovers crave. 

So take a single moment and remember what that feels like, to have an idea replace the blood within your veins. Let it percolate to the world around you. Inspire. Evolve. Innovate.

All it needs is an idea, created or shared.